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Q: How long with the arena be closed for renovations?

A: The estimated time for the renovation is about a year and a half (18 months).


Q: Where can we see the plans for the renovations?

A: The final plans have not been made available to HSL.


Q: Will a 3rd rink be added to Raymond Bourque?

A: There are no plans at this point in time to add a 3rd rink as it was deemed as not necessary by the city.


Hockey Operations

Q: Which arenas with Hockey Saint-Laurent be using for ice time in the absence of Raymond Bourque?

A: Hockey Saint-Laurent has secured contracts for the 2019-2020 season at Arena Ronald Caron Cegep Saint-Laurent) Saint-Laurent, Hockey Etcetera, Bonaventure Arena, LCC and Pierrefonds 4 Glaces


Q: Which levels will be played in which areana?

A: This will be determined once all of the ice rental contracts have been finalized but the younger levels (home games) will be closer to Saint-Laurent/


Q: Any other services being offered in place of ice time?

A: We have secured gym time to be able to offer teams the possibility of off ice training or even cosom hockey in the absence of additional ice time.


Q: Will HSL have a team for every level for the 2019-2020 season?

A: HSL will follow Hockey Quebec's Table for team formations per level once they release the 2019-2020 Reglements Administratif. Historically if HSL does not form a team in any certain level and player deserving makes it to a higher level we have released that player.  The release can only occur once the player has officially made the roster of the other organization.  That organization must ask for the release respecting Hockey Quebec Rules. 


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